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      Parental bonding, peer influence, and parent-adolescent conflict among school going adolescents in Kampala and Wakiso Districts [1]
      Parental influence, socio-economic factors, school environment and career choice amongst secondary school students [1]
      Parental monitoring, depression and risky sexual behaviors among adolescents living in slum areas [1]
      Parentification, peer relations, school attendance and psychological well-being among ordinary level students in Kampala [1]
      Parenting experiences of single fathers in urban Uganda [1]
      Parenting experiences, social support and coping strategies of parents having children with autism spectrum disorder in Uganda. [1]
      Parenting initiatives in Uganda: Learning from UZAZI AVSI Parenting Model and related initiatives [1]
      Parenting styles and adolescent drug abuse [1]
      Parenting styles, family social economic status and conduct disorder among adolescents [1]
      Parenting styles, parental monitoring and adolescents‘ risky sexual behavior [1]
      Parenting styles, parental monitoring, and adolescent sexual behavior [1]
      Parenting styles, self- esteem and students’ academic achievement in secondary schools in Sironko District [1]
      Parents’ involvement in protecting children against violence in schools: A study of selected schools in Mukono District, Uganda [1]
      Parliamentary oversight committees and their effectiveness in executing their mandates in Uganda: a case study of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) [1]
      Pastoral care for the Diocesan Catholic Clergy in Gulu Archdiocese (1990 – 2005) [1]
      Patient satisfaction with TB care among patients attending clinical consultation by GeneXpert Access: a comparative study of Goma and Kojja health facility, Mukono district [1]
      Patriarchal practices affecting women’s land rights in Tororo District, Uganda [1]
      Patterns of attendance among HIV exposed infants enrolled in care in central Uganda [1]
      Peace education as means of peaceful resolution of conflict in secondary schools: A case of Gulu District [1]
      Peacebuilding through Community Development Projects in South Sudan: A case of Terekeka State [1]