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Welcome to Makerere University's Institutional Repository (Mak IR). Mak IR was formerly called Uganda Scholarly Digital Library (USDL). Mak IR is a collection of scholarly output of by researchers of Makerere University, including scholarly articles and books, electronic theses and dissertations, conference proceedings, technical reports and digitised library collections. It is the official Institutional Repository (IR) of Makerere University.

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For information about the publishers' copyright policy on archiving your articles online or in an institutional repository, visit the Sherpa Site at http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php The site gives a summary of the permissions normally given as part of each publisher's copyright transfer agreement. If you wish to publish your research findings in Mak IR, please contact Makerere University Library at makir@mulib.mak.ac.ug for details. Mak IR operates both open access and closed access models. Access to fulltext has been restricted in adherence to the Makerere University Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Copyrights policies.

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Africa Portal is an online repository of open access library collection with over 3,000 books, journals, and digital documents on African policy issues. This is an initiative by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Makerere University (MAK), and the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA). Please visit the Africa Portal at http://www.africaportal.org/library.

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Recently Added

  • Woko, Simon (2010-06-08)
    The song is sensitizing the men about marrying prostitutes.
  • Amanzuru, Godfrey (2010-05-06)
    The song calls for repetance.
  • Madira, Kennedy (2011-05-08)
    The interview is about Mandiru Kennedy.
  • Wakilishe 
    Asiku, May (2011-05-16)
    The song talks about Aima May and Asiku May.
  • Nabaka, Christine (2010-06-04)
    The song is about a machine which 'bites' the roads.
  • Sharolina 
    Asiku, May (2011-05-16)
    The song talks about love.
  • Musiime, Evas (2010-06-04)
    The song is about the spider which built on a long tree.
  • Muhesi, Jovanice (2010-06-03)
    The lyrics represent a girl's farewell message to her family.
  • Mamaskini 
    Keneema, Sarah (2010-06-03)
    The story is about an orphan who was seeking for help.
  • Nabaka, Christine (2010-06-04)
    The song is about a bird called "entuha'
  • Amanzuru, Godfrey (2010-06-06)
    The song talks about repentance from sinners.
  • Madira, Kennedy (2011-05-08)
    The song is about telling / advising people to draw close to God.
  • Anyama, Amu Luke (2010-06-14)
    The song talks about that why should you a man, climb in a grannery. Are you a thief?
  • Ma'dira, Kennedy (2011-05-08)
    It is a composition about the challenges of this world.
  • Kiwanza boys itirikwa (2010-06-07)
    A demonstration of the rhythmic technique used while playing the musical instrument.
  • The Truth 
    Amanzuru, Godfrey (2010-06-06)
    The song talks about that Jesus is my pillar.
  • Droma, Alex (2010-06-08)
    Performers prepare to perform Jenyi funeral dance.
  • Rwomushana, Harriet (2010-06-03)
    The clans have to come together and work as one.
  • Kiwanza boys itirikwa (2010-06-07)
    Preparation of musical instruments for the performance.
  • Musiime, Evas (2010-06-04)
    This is a rhyme which is educative.

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