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      Factors affecting access to decentralized health services: A study of households seeking malaria treatment for children in Bundibugyo District [1]
      Factors affecting disclosure of HIV sero-status to immediate family members: a case study of TASO Kampala clients [1]
      Factors affecting industrial employment [1]
      Factors affecting maternal health care utilization in government health units in Apac District [2]
      Factors affecting the implementation of the right to education in Uganda: a case study of access to tertiary education. [1]
      Factors associated with childhood mortality among minority groups in Uganda [1]
      Factors contributing to the poor performance of Universal Primary Education in Ttamu and Kabule Parishes, Busimbi Sub-county, Mityana District [1]
      Factors hindering the realization of the right to freedom of association of disabled women in Mpigi District [1]
      Factors influencing access to credit facilities in Apac District [2]
      Factors influencing sports content in Ugandan newspapers : a study of New Vision and Daily Monitor’s coverage of international and local sports [1]
      Factors influencing the choice of science subjects among girls at the advanced secondary school level education: A case of Kiboga Town Council [1]
      Factors influencing the location of industry in Uganda [2]
      Factors influencing the utilization of late antenatal care services in rural areas: A case study of Kisoro District [1]
      Factors Involved in Social Mobilization for Citizen Participation: An Analysis of Voluntary HIV/AIDS Community Initiatives [1]
      Factors limiting women’s participation and influence in Kampala City Council [1]
      Factors of political instability in Uganda [1]
      Factors relating to adoption of e-learning by under-graduates in Islamic University In Uganda [1]
      Factors that affect retention and drop out of trained AIDS community volunteers: the case of Taso Jinja, Uganda [1]
      Factors that enhance Muslim women participation in community development: a case study of Nakasozi pre-school. [1]
      Factors that enhance Muslim women participation in community development: a case study of Nakasozi Pre-School [1]