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      Women and peace building: The case of women involvement in peace building process in Gulu District. [1]
      Women discrimination on planning and development at local government level in Uganda: A case of Kisoro District. [1]
      Women participation in national agricultural advisory services in Uganda: a case study of Vurra Sub-County, Arua Disrict, 2001—2007 [1]
      Women's attitudes to condoms and female-controlled means of protection against HIV and STDs in South-Western Uganda. [1]
      Women's careers in low income areas as indicators of country and town dynamics [3]
      Women’s participation in decentralized governance in Buikwe district-a case study of Nyenga, Najja and Buikwe sub counties. [1]
      Women’s empowerment through community radio : A case study of Bakitha Radio, South Sudan [1]
      Women’s livelihood strategies in urban internally displaced persons settlement : A case of Acholi Quarters, Kampala [1]
      Women’s magazines and identity construction: a comparative study OF “Full Woman” and “Flair For Her” magazines (2010-2013). [1]
      Women’s representation and capacity to influence decisions in local governments: the case of Kampala District [1]
      Work stress, job commitment and performance among Makerere University lecturers [1]
      Work-related stress, social support and mother-child interaction [1]
      Working conditions and the rights of women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda: A case study of Walukuba/Masese Division-Jinja District, South Eastern Uganda [1]
      Yega okusoma ni okughandiika o'lusoga: abasikawutu [1]
      Yega Okusoma ni Okughandiika Olusoga:kawoiwolo [1]
      Yega okusoma ni okughandiika olusoga:ogusolo ni ekikaadho [1]
      Yega okusoma ni okughandiika olusoga:omulilo ni omuyiigo [1]
      Yega okusoma ni okughandiika olusoga:otela okwila [1]
      Yega okusoma ni okughandiika olusoga:otela okwila [1]
      Youth participation in Government poverty alleviation Programs in Pajulu Sub County, Arua District [1]