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      Taathira za Kinyankore kama lugha ya kwanza kwa mtu anayejifunza Kiswahili. [1]
      Teachers’ attitudes, perceptions and responses towards children’s mental distress [1]
      The teaching and research of industrial sociology in an African University: problems and prospects. [3]
      Teaching East African dances in higher education in the U.S.: reconciling content and pedagogy. [1]
      Technical assistance and capacity building in the delivery of health services: A case study of Kasese District 1990 – 2007. [1]
      Technology among petty commodity producers: The case of Katwe metal workers. [1]
      Temporal and spatial patterns of urban sprawl and their implications on environmental planning in Mbarara municipality [1]
      Temporal consciousness in African belief and ideology. [2]
      Testing and its implications in lexicography: A case study of corpus creation in Dhopadhola [1]
      Theatre and the market in Uganda [1]
      Theatre as a community tool for initiating and facilitating social transformation in Tirinyi Sub-County, Pallisa District. [1]
      Theatre for development in Uganda [1]
      Time to change: Gendered perceptions on use of educational technology for teaching in Makerere University [1]
      Traditional birth attendants in rural Gambia: Beyond health to social cohesion. [1]
      Traditional folk Music [1]
      The transformation of Karamoja: Sedentarization of pastoralists [1]
      Transformational leadership, work engagement and performance among employees in the Public Service of Uganda [1]
      Transgressing Buyira: An historical inquiry into violence astride a Congo-Uganda border [1]
      Transnational organizations and the promotion of health as a global security concern: the case of the World Health Organization in Uganda. [1]
      The Uganda Police Force in the protection and promotion of the right to freedom from torture in Kampala Metropolitan: A case study of selected Police Divisions. [1]