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      Names of trees and plants [1]
      The narratives and experiences of formerly abducted children in Northern Uganda's two decades armed conflict: a case of Amuru District [1]
      Nature and challenges of return in post conflict situations: the case of Abarilela Sub-County in Amuria District [1]
      The nature and demographic characteristics of disabled persons' participation in a community-based rehabilitation programme in Tororo District [1]
      The nature of children’s participation in the school setting in Kabarole District, Uganda [1]
      The need to encourage grassroots’ participation in poverty eradication: A study of Bulamogi Sub-County in Iganga District, Uganda. [1]
      Negotiating social identities in Makumbi’s Kintu, Isegawa’s Abyssinian Chronicles and Ocen’s The Alien Woman [1]
      The negotiation of sexual relationships among pupils in South-western Uganda. [1]
      Neighbourhood watch and national security in Uganda : a case of Kampala District [1]
      New districts’ creation and delivery of primary education services in Lamwo district, uganda [1]
      New evangelization: An approach to re-awaken the response of christians towards catholic church obligations in Narozari Parish in Light of Ad Gentes Divinitus [1]
      New public management and service delivery in Uganda: A case study of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control [1]
      New religious movements: a pastoral challenge to evangelization in Kampala archdiocese. A case study of Jinja Kaloli parish [1]
      A nexus between professional policing and sustainable development, a case study of Kampala metropolitan area. [1]
      The nexus between slum dwelling and criminality in Uganda: a case of Kabalagala Parish, Kampala Metropolitan south policing region [1]
      NGOs and the implementation of the rights of children with disabilities: a case study of Masaka municipality, Masaka district [1]
      "Nietzsche's will to power in man and society of Uganda". [1]
      The Nile water utilization conflict arising from the 1929 and 1959 River Nile agreements [1]
      Non-Government Organizations' aid funded projects and value for money in Uganda [1]
      Non-governmental organisations and child labour in Kabarole District: A case study of joy for children Kijura - Sub County [1]