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      Deafness, parental bonding, self-esteem and depression among adolescents. [1]
      Decentralisation and financial management in Uganda’s local governments: A case study of Mbarara District, 2001 - 2006. [1]
      Decentralisation and institutional mechanisms of accountability in Uganda’s local governments: a case study of Adjumani District [1]
      Decentralisation and the quality of education in rural government aided primary schools in Uganda: A case study of Kayunga district. [1]
      Decentralization and the delivery of adolescent sexual and reproductive health services in Sironko District: 1990-2005 [1]
      Decentralization as an effective means of promoting the right to health: a case study of Kabale Municipality, Kabale District. [1]
      Decision-making approaches in children's palliative care institutions: A case study of Hospice Africa, Uganda [1]
      The deconstruction of the naipaulian protagonist. [1]
      Deeper understanding of the Holy Eucharist: A strategy to strengthen faith among Catholics in Kalungu Parish-Masaka Diocese [1]
      Deployment stressors, coping strategies and psychological wellbeing of returned peacekeeping forces [1]
      Depression, pain catastrophizing and responsiveness to analgesics: A case study of chronic pain patients [1]
      Determinants of access to HIV counselling and testing services in Kisaasi, Kampala, in the face of increasing HIV infection rates in Uganda [1]
      The determinants of provision of primary health care services in Eastern Uganda [1]
      Determinants of rural community participation in sanitation and hygiene promotion: A study of Apac district, Uganda [1]
      Determinants of school dropout under Universal Primary School Education (UPE) in Uganda: a case study of Iganga District [1]
      Determining policy adequacy and levels of implementation for the attainment of the millennium health goals: the case of Malaria control in Uganda [1]
      Developing sustainable agriculture in Africa: main challenges for small farmers in Uganda [1]
      Development and implementation of HIV and AIDS workplace policies: A study of Stop AIDS Now (SAN!) Project-partner organisations in Uganda [1]
      The development of an integrated education system in selected muslim schools in Buganda (1980-2002) [1]
      The development of technology in Uganda [2]