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      The socio-political dillema of liberating women in East Africa. [1]
      Socioeconomic status, depression and domestic violence against rural women [1]
      Socioeconomic status, intimate partner violence, mode of delivery and postpartum depression among mothers with six weeks old infants [1]
      Solid waste management and cost recovery in Kampala City: A case study of Wabigalo Paris [1]
      Some aspects of changes in Kenya's import structure. [1]
      Some aspects of credit in the Kenya settlement schemes [2]
      Some of the cultural values and practices that matter in Uganda. [1]
      Some practical and theoretical problems of general ability testing at the African standard six level in Southern Rhodesia. [2]
      Some problems of comparative political analysis in Africa [2]
      The sources and consequences of economic instability in Africa [2]
      South Sudan refugees and environmental degradation in Uganda [1]
      Speaking to the center: a postcolonial study of the English language in Okot's song of Lawino and song of Ocol [1]
      Spirituality, academic achievement and girl-child age at marriage [1]
      Stakeholders participation in the reintegration of formerly abducted children in Northern Uganda: A case study of Gulu Municipality [1]
      The state and the puzzle of tribe: Rethinking mass violence in Uganda’s Rwenzori area [1]
      State ‘sovereignty’ and the role of the International Criminal Court’s responsibility to protect in Uganda [1]
      Strategic human resources management practices, leadership style, and employee empowerment [1]
      Stressors, coping strategies, anxiety and depression among mental health proffessionals [1]
      Structural Adjustment in Africa: How Can We Do it Better, How Can We Improve It? [2]
      Students’ attitudes towards pornography, sexual attitudes, and sexual practices2009 [1]