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      The development of technology in Uganda [2]
      Development partnerships and the improvement of Dairy production in Kiboga District [1]
      Deviant practices, art treatment and lived experiences for women living with hiv/aids (WLHIV) in Korogocho Slum, Nairobi, Kenya [1]
      Devolution and outsourcing of municipal services: in Kampala City, Uganda: an early assessment [1]
      Devolution of power and the control of corruption in Kenya (2010-2019) [1]
      Dextrose boluses versus burette dextrose infusions in prevention of hypoglycemia among preterms admitted at Mulago Hospital: An open label randomized clinical trial [1]
      Difficulties in comprehension among learners learning English as a foreign language in Uganda: a schema theoretic approach [1]
      Digitization of academic records at institutions of higher learning [1]
      The dilemma of youth empowerment in Uganda: interrogating the mindset question [1]
      Disability and sexuality : a case of women with physical disabilities in Kampala [1]
      Disclosure of HIV diagnosis, psychological distress and adherence to medical regimens in HIV–infected children [1]
      “Disco la yesu” music in the Evangelical Lutheran Church: A strategy for evangelization in the Northwestern Diocese, Bukoba, Tanzania [1]
      Discordance: Cause of marriage separation as opposed to the Catholic teaching of indissolubility of marriage: Lukaya Parish. [1]
      A discourse analysis of the English language used by Makerere University students on Facebook [1]
      Dismantling reified African culture through localised homosexualities in Uganda. [1]
      District local government's capacity and implementation of environment protection policy under decentralization in Uganda : a case study of Nakasongola District [1]
      District local governments' disaster preparedness and response to landslides: a case of Bududa in Eastern Uganda [1]
      Diversity, host utilization and ecological niche of tephritid (diptera: tephritidae) fruit flies in Uganda [1]
      The doctrine of separation of powers within the three branches of government in Uganda and its human rights implications [1]
      Does restructuring promote or block organizational efficiency? the case of college formation at Makerere University [1]