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      Beyond ethnic patriotism: A comparative study of Toro and Kigezi Districts in Uganda [1]
      Beyond Nuremberg: The historical significance of the post-apartheid transition in South Africa. [1]
      Beyond Religio-Cultural Violence: A Historico-Political Re-contextualization of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God [1]
      The Big Five Personality Traits, teacher self-efficacy and teacher effectiveness amongst government-aided secondary school teachers in Kampala District [1]
      The boda boda transport system and the welfare of the operations in the Kampala Central Division. [1]
      Body type and type of crime among prison inmates around Kampala : a case of Luzira Prison [1]
      Border porousness and cross-border mobility management at Mpondwe, along Uganda-DRC border [1]
      Border security on shared water resource in Uganda: the case of Lake Victoria and Albert [1]
      Boy circumscision [1]
      Breast feeding practices and child health in Gulu District: Case study of Gulu and Lacor Referral Hospitals. [1]
      Breastfeeding practices and attitudes relevant to the vertical transmission of HIV in rural South-west Uganda. [1]
      Breastfeeding self-efficacy, social support and postpartum depression among nursing mothers [1]
      A brief description of the social system of the Lugbara. [1]
      Broken symbols and religious innovation in Africa: An evaluation of theories of religious change. [2]
      Budgetary control and performance of local governments : a case study of Mubende Municipal Council [1]
      Building sustainable peace through interactive processes among school children: a case of Juba Metropolitan City of South Sudan [1]
      Bullying victimization, depression and substance use among lower secondary school adolescents [1]
      Bullying, depression and suicidal ideation amongst school going adolescents in Kampala [1]
      Bumsters, big black organs and old white gold: Embodied racial myths in sexual relationships of Gambian beach boys. [1]
      Burden of care, subjective wellbeing and depression among caregivers of mentally ill patients in Butabika and Mulago Hospitals [1]