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      Access to gender justice in Uganda : a feminist analysis of the experience of victims of rape in the reporting and prosecution processes [1]
      An accused's self-incrimination to end trial? plea bargaining and the right to a fair hearing in Uganda [1]
      Administrative tribunals and dispute settlement: A case study of the Makerere University Staff Tribunal [1]
      African economic integration: The legal and institutional perspectives of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). [1]
      An analysis of the effectiveness of the electoral college system in attaining electoral democracy in Uganda: a case of elections of representatives of persons with disabilities to parliament [1]
      An analysis of the legal and regulatory framework for corporate takeovers in Uganda: A case study of the banking and telecommunication sectors of Uganda [1]
      An analysis of the protection of traditional medical knowledge from biopiracy: challenges and implications for indigenous knowledge in Uganda. [1]
      Analysis of the role of the board of directors in corporate governance under the Companies Act, 2012 [1]
      Application of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method: a case study of the commercial division of the High Court of Uganda. [1]
      The application of the exclusion clause to refugees under International and Municipal Law in Uganda [1]
      The application of the exclusion clause to refugees under international and municipal law in Uganda [1]
      Appraising the effectiveness of environmental and social impact assessments in the oil and gas sector: the case studies of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania [1]
      The art of imagined conversations: exploring narrative possibilities through hypothetical interviews [1]
      Assessing the legal mechanisms for promoting sustainable pesticide use in the agriculture sector in Uganda [1]
      Assessment of the adequacy of the regulatory framework for wetlands management in Uganda [1]
      An assessment of the effectiveness of the legal and institutional framework for air pollution control in Kampala [1]
      An assessment of the functionality of mediation in reduction of case backlog: a case study of the High Court of Uganda-Commercial Division. [1]
      An assessment of the legal regime governing the mining industry in Uganda [1]
      Beyond borders: exploring the legal frontiers of space [1]
      Beyond gender: a treatise declaration of humanity [1]