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      Collective investment schemes in emerging markets: An assessment of the regulatory framework for investor protection in Uganda [1]
      Community service and recidivism: A study of the legal and institutional framework in Kampala District [1]
      Court annexed mediation and case backlog reduction: [1]
      Criminal abortion in Uganda: A cross–sectional study of perceptions and participation in Kampala District [1]
      Criminal liability of former child abductees under International Criminal Law : a case of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) [1]
      A critical analysis of customary land registration in Uganda: case study of Nwoya district, Uganda. [1]
      A critical analysis of the efficacy of the cites electronic permitting system in combatting illegal wildlife trade in Uganda. [1]
      A critical analysis of the impact of the computer misuse act on freedom of expression in Uganda [1]
      Critical analysis of the legal control of misconduct by undercover law enforcement agents in Uganda [1]
      A critical analysis of the legal framework for sustainable management of biodiversity; a case of Bidibidi refugee settlement in Uganda [1]
      A critical examination of the all-inclusive approach to corporate governance in Uganda: a case study of CELTEL (U) LTD. [1]
      Critical reflections on the efficacy of the law with regard to illegal land evictions in Mukono and Wakiso Districts from 2005 to 2014 [1]
      Cyber law in Uganda [1]
      Debating love, human rights and identity politics in East Africa: The case of Uganda and Kenya. [1]
      Decentralization without human rights?: local governance and access to justice in post-movement Uganda [1]
      Determinants of domestic violence reporting culture among rural women in Kabale Municipality-Uganda [1]
      The digital era: a comparative analysis of Uganda and South Africa’s copyright regulatory regime, post 2006. [1]
      Digital money : the law of crypto currency and cryptography in Uganda [1]
      Dream deferred? Democracy and good governance: an assessment of the findings of Uganda’s country self-assessment report under the African Peer Mechanism [1]
      Effectiveness of termination of refugee status under the 1951 UN Convention on refugees: a case study of Rwandan refugees in Uganda [1]