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      Law of forensics : a proof beyond the shadow of doubt [1]
      The law of oil and gas in Uganda [1]
      The law of penology and criminology "I can’t breathe" : a legal philosophical appraisal of the need to hamornize the law in Uganda [1]
      The law of sports and entertainment in Uganda [1]
      Law of Witchcraft in Uganda [1]
      Law on professional malpractice in Uganda [1]
      The law on witchcraft, sorcery and illuminati in Uganda [1]
      Legal aid and access to justice in post-genocide Rwanda [1]
      A legal analysis of the Right to Water in Uganda [1]
      Legal and institutional framework: A case study of Uganda's sugar trade under the customs union protocol within the East African Community [1]
      A legal appraisal of Njaga Cannabis and associated Medicinal Herbs in Uganda. [1]
      A Legal Appraisal of “Njaga” Cannabis and Associated Medicinal Herbs in Uganda [1]
      Legal aspects of financial leasing in Uganda: a case of equipment finance for agro-business [1]
      The legal framework and capacity of Uganda police force in eradicating narcotic drugs: a case of Kampala Metropolitan Policing Area [1]
      Legal Personhood of Artificial Intelligence [2]
      Legal protection against marine accidents in Uganda. [1]
      Limitations of the law on the certificate of customary ownership under the Land Act, 1998: A case study of Bukonzo County, Kasese District [1]
      Limitations on solid waste management law in Uganda: A case study of Kampala City Council [1]
      Maternal healthcare rights for women with disabilities in Uganda and Kenya: A comparative review of legal and policy frameworks. [1]
      Media law and policy in Uganda. An appraisal on legal and policy issues in journalism in Uganda [1]