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      Debating love, human rights and identity politics in East Africa: The case of Uganda and Kenya. [1]
      Decentralization without human rights?: local governance and access to justice in post-movement Uganda [1]
      Digital money : the law of crypto currency and cryptography in Uganda [1]
      Dream deferred? Democracy and good governance: an assessment of the findings of Uganda’s country self-assessment report under the African Peer Mechanism [1]
      Effectiveness of termination of refugee status under the 1951 UN Convention on refugees: a case study of Rwandan refugees in Uganda [1]
      The effectiveness of the courts of judicature in promoting security of occupancy of lawful and bonafide occupants on registered land in Uganda [1]
      The efficacy of legislation on reporting suspicious transactions by banks in Uganda [1]
      The efficacy of local council courts in the administration of justice: a case study of nansana municipality-wakiso district [1]
      The efficacy of section 46 of the Children Act on inter-country adoption in Uganda [1]
      Efficacy of Uganda’s copyright laws in combating music piracy [1]
      Efficacy of Uganda’s graduated tax: The case of Moyo District. [1]
      Equal opportunity, age-based discrimination and the rights of elderly persons in Uganda [1]
      The executive constitutional mandate. Demystifying the fountain of honor. Presidential powers overreach in Uganda [1]
      The exercise of prosecutorial discretion and its impact on the administration of criminal justice in Uganda [1]
      Exorcising the inexorcible Buganda Ghost [1]
      Exorcising the inexorcible Buganda ghost [1]
      Fashion, design and entertainment law in Uganda [1]
      The first annual state of governance conference in Uganda: conference report [1]
      Freedom through law [1]
      Frustrated or Frustrating?: the inspector general of government and the question of political corruption in Uganda [1]