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      The realisation of the right to a fair and speedy trial for torture victims : a case study of the Tribunal of the Uganda Human Rights Commission [1]
      Reflections on freedom of expression in Uganda’s fledgling democracy: sedition, “pornography” and hate speech [1]
      Regional integration and tax harmonisation: A critical analysis of the East African Double Taxation Agreement [1]
      Regulating vehicular air pollution to achieve the right to a clean and healthy environment: a case study of Kampala City [1]
      The right of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities to contest for political office in Uganda: a critical analysis [1]
      A right to protect indigenous languages: a threat against extinction [1]
      The right to rehabilitation for the survivors of torture: a case study of urban refugees in Katwe-Kinyolo, Kampala-Uganda [1]
      The right to work and to gainful employment for urban refugees in Uganda: A case study of Kampala District [1]
      The role of demerger of composite insurance companies in Uganda as a corporate governance strategy [1]
      The role of forensic science in the administration of criminal justice in Uganda [1]
      The role of forensic science in the administration of criminal justice in Uganda. [1]
      The role of public health law in the control of non-communicable diseases in Uganda [1]
      The role of the Uganda Human Rights Commission in promoting civic education: A case study of Mbarara and Moroto Districts [1]
      Singing in the rain: making a case for the reform of undergraduate legal education in Uganda [1]
      Social tenure domain model as one of the mechanisim for reducing land disputes in Kayunga District [1]
      Towards legal certainty in Uganda’s commercial adjudication : managing the tension between formalism and flexibility [1]
      Transnational litigations: Challenges to recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements in Uganda [1]
      The trials and tribulations of Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye and 22 others: a critical evaluation of the role of the general court martial in the administration of justice in Uganda [1]
      Uganda [1]
      Uganda’s anti-terrorism legislation : a quest for justice for victims of terrorism [1]