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      Objection my Lord: Civil litigation [1]
      Objection my Lord: Corporate and commercial practice [1]
      Objection my Lord: Criminal law and practice [1]
      Objection my Lord: Family law and practice [1]
      Objection my Lord: Land transactions [1]
      Objection my Lord: Legal practice demystified [1]
      Objection my Lord: Litigation lingo [1]
      Obuntu-bulamu and the law : an extra textual aid statutory interpretation tool [1]
      Offenders in need of justice: a critical analysis of the right to legal representation for children in conflict with the law in Uganda [1]
      Oil and gas exploration and environmental protection in Uganda: An appraisal of the policy and legal framework [1]
      The operation of mutual recognition agreements vis-à-vis an East African legislation on cross border legal practice : the Ugandan perspective [1]
      The problematique of economic, social and cultural right in globalized Uganda: a conceptual review [1]
      Protection and enforcement of trademarks in Uganda: Analysis of the legal and institutional framework in light of international obligations [1]
      Protection of the right to health care of women living with HIV/AIDS (WLA) in Uganda: the case of Mbarara hospital [1]
      The Psychology of law [1]
      Punishment or correction? A rights-based study of prison labour in Uganda: The Case of Kirinya Prison-Jinja. [1]
      The realisation of the right to a fair and speedy trial for torture victims : a case study of the Tribunal of the Uganda Human Rights Commission [1]
      Reflections on freedom of expression in Uganda’s fledgling democracy: sedition, “pornography” and hate speech [1]
      Regional integration and tax harmonisation: A critical analysis of the East African Double Taxation Agreement [1]
      The right of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities to contest for political office in Uganda: a critical analysis [1]