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      History of Busoga [1]
      Human rights and public interest litigation in East Africa: A bird’s eye view. [1]
      A human rights based approach to oil resources management : reflecting on the right to property in Buliisa District [1]
      The impact of community service in the criminal justice system in Uganda: a case study of Nabweru Chief Magistrate’s Court, Wakiso District, Uganda [1]
      The impact of HIV/AIDS on the children’s right to education in Uganda: A case study of Wakiso District [1]
      The impact of local cultural beliffs on children’s legal right to education: A case study of Nabwigulu subcounty, Kamuli District [1]
      The implementation of environmental impact assessment mitigation measures on projects in wetlands: a case study of Rwenzori Bottling Company in Mukono [1]
      Implications of land tenure laws for ensuring the sustainable management of forested landscapes alongside planned oil palm expansion in Buvuma [1]
      Implications of the NGO Act, 2016 on the Right to Freedom of Association in Uganda : a case study of Action Aid Uganda [1]
      Indigenous justice systems and the administration of justice in Uganda: a study of Karamoja region [1]
      Intellectual property rights in Uganda: reform and institutional management policy formulation [1]
      Intelligent design and the African ontological and epistemological aesthetics: A legal philosophical discourse [1]
      International environmental law and the question of banned chemicals: the legal implications of the use of DDT in Uganda [1]
      Interrogating struggles for economic, social and cultural human rights in contemporary Utake: a perspective from Uganda [1]
      The judicial enforcement of the rights to freedom of political assembly and association in Uganda [2]
      Law of forensics : a proof beyond the shadow of doubt [1]
      The law of oil and gas in Uganda [1]
      The law of penology and criminology "I can’t breathe" : a legal philosophical appraisal of the need to hamornize the law in Uganda [1]
      The law of sports and entertainment in Uganda [1]
      Law of Witchcraft in Uganda [1]