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      Teaching aid system for a kindergarten [1]
      The teaching of information ethics in selected library and information science institutions in Uganda. [1]
      Techniques and evaluation of processor co-allocation in multi-cluster systems [1]
      Telecentres as a strategy for knowledge management in the SCECSAL region: a case of Uganda [1]
      Telecom and broadcasting convergence: the feasibility of mobile TV standards [1]
      Tender management system for e-procurement [1]
      Tertiary ICT Education in the East African Community(EAC) [1]
      A Thin client open source model for a rural health facility [1]
      A tool to mitigate denial of service attacks on LAN [1]
      Towards a clustered system for supercomputing [1]
      Towards a management information system for public administration in Uganda [1]
      Towards a model for implementing local e-government in Uganda [1]
      Towards a MYSQL graphical user interface [1]
      Towards a national fisheries sector management information system [1]
      Towards a public library system in an urban changing society: A case study of Kampala Library [1]
      Towards a reusable evaluation framework for ontology based biomedical systems integration [1]
      Towards a reusable ontology framework for biological information integration [1]
      Towards a website evaluation framework for Universities: case study Makerere University [1]
      Towards an effective management information system for human resource management in government devolved bodies: A case study of the Civil Aviation Authority- Uganda [1]
      Towards an efficient human resource records system for government [1]