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      Nakaseke multipurpose community telecentre and library [1]
      National Library of Uganda [1]
      A national youth forum [1]
      Nesting biology of equatorial Afrotropical stingless bees (Apidae; Meliponini) in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda [1]
      A Network troubleshooting management system for system administrators [1]
      Networked databases for efficient operation of branch offices: a case of the New Vision Advertising Department. [1]
      Non-traditional tree species used in the furniture industry in Masaka District, Central Uganda [1]
      Not all visualizations are useful: the need to target user needs when visualizing object oriented software [1]
      Nutritional therapy companion system [1]
      An observational study of the information seeking and communicating behaviour of enterprenures in the informal sector in Uganda [1]
      Offline handwritten signature verification using sift features [1]
      On enhancing network security with role-based access control [1]
      On improvement of the weather information management in Uganda: proceedings of the 5th UbuntuNet Alliance annual Conference. [1]
      On query optimization in relational databases [1]
      A one-stop multimedia ecommerce website for marketing Ugandan art and crafts [1]
      An online adverse drug reaction reporting system for pharmacovigilance [1]
      An online digital resource center and its core services [1]
      An online health club subscription system [1]
      An online immunization information repository [1]
      An online interactive document management system: a case study of Ssentoogo and Partners Architecture Company [1]