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      A sales record management system for Mikwano hardware [1]
      Secure implementation of e-Banking [1]
      A Secure Internet-based voting system for low ICT resourced countries [1]
      Security analysis of an agent-mediated book trading application [1]
      Security analysis of an agent-mediated booktrading application [1]
      Security analysis of remote e-voting [2]
      Security in agent-mediated negotiation frameworks [1]
      Security issues in ambulatory wireless sensor networks (AWSN): security Vs mobility [1]
      Service Oriented Telecom Architectures for Enabling Innovative Mobile Services [1]
      Service-oriented architectures as a vehicle for ICT in developing countries: an awareness campaign [1]
      Shopping cart system for a supermarket [1]
      SIM or application layer? An implementation-level analysis on the use of mobile phones for ICT development [1]
      A simulation model for resource optimization in higher education institutions [1]
      A simulation model for the voter turn up in local elections [1]
      A Simulation model of loan servicing for Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) under the poverty alleviation program [1]
      A simulation modelling-based investigation of the impact of IT infrastructure on business process reengineering [1]
      A Simulation of a mobile application for accessing academic information [1]
      A Simulation of policy taking medical insurance [1]
      A smartphone-based system for citizenry road traffic management in Uganda. Case Study: Kampala Metropolitan Area [1]
      An SMS authenticated online payment system [1]