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      A car park management system [1]
      Career Guidance Using Expert System Approach [1]
      Carnage in Paradise [1]
      Characteristics of fairness metrics and their effect on perceived scheduler effectiveness [1]
      Christianity and rural community literacy practices in Uganda [1]
      Clinical protocol-based decision support system for malaria treatment [1]
      Co-allocation with communication considerations in multi-cluster systems [1]
      Collaborative Filtering: A Comparison of Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning Methods and Memory-Based Methods [1]
      A combination of round robin and earliest deadline first scheduling algorithms using timeliness as the performance criteria [1]
      A comparative analysis of object oriented visualization tools [1]
      Comparative analysis of the coverage of the New Vision and the Daily Monitor on rural poverty alleviation in Uganda from 1st January, 2007 to 31st December, 2009 [1]
      A Comparison of Service Oriented Architecture with other advances in Software Architectures [1]
      Competencies required by librarians in the management of electronic resources in Ugandan university libraries [1]
      Complexity and Risk in IS Projects [1]
      Computational analysis of Kinyarwanda morphology : the morphological alternations. [1]
      Computational assessment of the validity of elections [1]
      Computational Identification of Transposable Elements in the Mouse Genome [1]
      Computational resource optimization in Ugandan Tertiary Institutions [1]
      Computational resource optimization in Ugandan tertiary institutions [1]
      A Computer aided learning tool: case of normalization of relational schemata [1]