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      A Paediatric antiretroviral therapy management information system [1]
      A Parking management system: a case study of Garden City Complex [1]
      Passengers and courier information system: a case of Akamba public road service limited [1]
      A patient tracking system for HIV/AIDS clinical trials: case study - Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC) [1]
      Patients' tracking system [1]
      Pedagogical and conceptual design of an E-learning environment for HIV/AIDS Education [1]
      Performance investigation of automatic multiple SIM card cell phones [1]
      Performance, fairness and effectiveness in space slicing multi-cluster schedulers [1]
      A Planning tool for the electricity transmission planning process [1]
      Politics in the indigenization of library and information services : The way forward for East Africa [1]
      Power Aware Differentiated Routing (PADR) in wireless sensor networks [1]
      Private camel library brings hope to pastoralists: the Kenyan experience [1]
      A Process model for software requirements engineering [1]
      Production of composite bricks from sawdust using Portland cement as a binder [1]
      Properties of preconditioners for robust linear regression [1]
      Prosecution case management information system (PROCAMIS) for DPP (Uganda) [1]
      A Prosecutions Management Information System (PMIS): a case of the Uganda's Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) [1]
      Public library politics: the Uganda perspective [1]
      Public Library politics: the Ugandan perspective [1]
      A quantitative loan appraisal tool for microfinance [1]