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      Uganda's public library system and services from colonial times to the present [1]
      Uncertainty based approach of modelling for security metrics in cloud computing [1]
      Use of “flight simulator” for training IT managers in investment decision making [1]
      A user based model for adoption of telemedicine by pediatricians in resource constrained environments [1]
      A user centered approach for evaluating biomedical data integration ontologies [1]
      A user-centered approach for testing spreadsheets [1]
      Using Mobile Technology and Services for Sustainable Development in Africa [1]
      Using the greedy approach to schedule jobs on multi-cluster systems [1]
      Utilisation of electronic records to promote good governance in Uganda: A case of Uganda Registration Service Bureau [1]
      Utilization of e-resources by undergraduate students at International Christian Medical Institute, Mukono [1]
      The utilization of eBooks in Medical Sciences’ Graduate Programmes in Makerere University: The case of students of Masters of Medicine in Internal Medicine and Masters of Veterinary Preventive Medicine [1]
      Value difference metric for student knowledge level initialization in a learner model-based adaptive e-learning system [1]
      Victim-based defense against IP packet flooding denial of service attacks [1]
      Visual discovery and analysis of voice traffic between telecommunication companies in Uganda [1]
      A visualization framework for discovering prepaid mobile subscriber usage patterns [2]
      Voice over WiFi: on fabricating an open access neighbourhood wireless local loop for telecommunication [1]
      Web Accessibility in Uganda :A study of Webmaster Perceptions [1]
      A web based customer care and billing system [1]
      A web based Data Mart system for patient care [1]
      Web based events management system [1]