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      Data security lapses in developed societies: public and private sector cases [1]
      Data warehousing in fisheries: A case study of the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (FIRRI) [1]
      Decision support in the operating theatre – usability aspects [1]
      Decision support system for predicting Typhoid disease occurrence based on environmental factors [1]
      Decision support system for promotion of police officers [1]
      Decision support system for vehicle scheduling in Uganda: A case study of Gateway Bus Company [1]
      Decision support systems [1]
      A Decision support tool for effective manpower planning [1]
      A Decision support tool for library book inventory management: managing book stocks and space in view of user needs [1]
      A Decision support tool for production scheduling [1]
      Delay-optimized path in peer-to-peer networks [1]
      Deploying and utilizing learning objects on mobile phones [1]
      The Deployment of an e-commerce platform and related rrojects in a rural area in South Africa [1]
      Design of a secure framework for the implementation of telemedicine, eHealth, and wellness services [1]
      Design space exploration of network on chip:a system level approach [1]
      Detection of subscription fraud in telecommunications using decision tree learning [1]
      Developing a set of requirements for algorithm animation systems [1]
      The development of a power switching mechanism over the internet infrastructure [1]
      Digital library: a case of Faculty of Computing and Information Technology Book Bank [1]
      The diminishing private network security perimeter defense [1]