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      A methodology for feature selection in named entity recognition [1]
      A Metric of fairness for parallel job schedulers [1]
      Mobile Payments: A Comparison between Philippine and Ugandan Contexts [2]
      A model for collaborative information sharing between banks and SMES in Uganda [1]
      A model for electronic money transfer for low resourced environments: M-Cash [1]
      A model for measuring levels of end-users' acceptance and use of hybrid library services and its applicability to universities [1]
      A model for the adaptation of contact centre computer user interfaces [1]
      A model of drug record management system [1]
      A model of e-Health acceptance and usage in Uganda: The perspective of Online Social Networks [1]
      A model of information system success factors in Small and Medium Enterprises: Case study of Health Information Systems [1]
      A model of success factors for iplementing local e-government in Uganda. [1]
      A model of success factors for Local E-government implementation in Uganda [1]
      Model-based testing of network security protocols in Java card applications [1]
      Modeling cognitive radio networks with multiple channels for CBR and TCP Traffic [1]
      A Modeling Method for Computer System Security using Structure and Probability [1]
      A modeling method for computer system security using structure and probability [1]
      A Monitoring system for herd health management [1]
      A Multi criteria decision making support to software selection [1]
      Multi-scale angiography filters: techniques today [1]
      Multirisk analysis of prostate cancer survival in Uganda [1]