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      An application of system dynamics modeling to changes in construction projects [1]
      An application of system dynamics modeling to immunisation policy analysis [1]
      An application of system dynamics to monitor HIV disease progression in a resource limited setting [2]
      Applications of social media and Web 2.0 for research support in selected African academic institutions [1]
      Apprenticeship environment and co-operation based on the Grid and Web 2.0 designed for training communities with common interest centres [1]
      An approach based on IPtables to control TCP SYN flood distributed denial of service attack [1]
      Architecture for an SMS based utility-services mobile billing system in Uganda [1]
      Assessing Appropriate ICT with ARIS case in Mozambique [1]
      Assessing implementation of blended learning in constrained low bandwidth environment [1]
      Assessing participatory development communication as a strategy for agricultural information dissemination in Uganda. [1]
      Assessing risk management in academic book publishing: A case study of Fountain Publishers Limited [1]
      Assessing the security of information resources at Kabale University Library, Uganda [1]
      Assessing utilization of the health management information system in Uganda [1]
      Assessment of HIV/AIDS information provision to fishing communities around Lake Victoria: The case of Jinja and Kalangala fishing villages [1]
      An assessment of library services provision to children in selected Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools in Kampala District - Uganda. [1]
      Assessment of the working of Local Government Information and Communication System (LOGICS) in Eastern Uganda: a case study of Jinja and Bugiri Districts [1]
      Association rule mining using evolutionary computing [1]
      An authentication algorithm for wireless local area networks [1]
      Automated car parking monitoring system [1]
      Automated diagnosis of malaria with scale invariant feature transforms and cascades of boosted classiers. [1]