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      The greedy multi-cluster scheduler: performance bounds and parametric sensitivity [1]
      Group-wise performance evaluation of processor co-allocation in multi-cluster systems [1]
      Health informatics research and development for health systems strengthening in Uganda [1]
      Hotel reservation and billing system (HRBS) [1]
      Human resource records management system: a case study of Bin-it Services Ltd [1]
      ICT as an engine for Uganda’s economic growth: the role of and opportunities for Makerere University [1]
      An ICT framework to enhance food security in rural communities of Uganda [1]
      ICT research and innovation: As a driver of development [1]
      ICT usage and its impact on profitability of SMEs in 13 African countries [1]
      ICT-enabled Services: a critical analysis of the opportunities and challenges in Uganda [1]
      The impact of cybercafes on information services in Uganda [1]
      Impact of funded research projects on university quality :a system dynamics approach [1]
      Implementation of e-learnin in higher education institutions in low bandwidth environment: a blended learning approach [1]
      Implementing a virtual private network to create a secure and direct communication link between the two sites of Faculty of Computing and Information Technology [1]
      Implementing bandwidth management in a low-bandwidth environment [1]
      Implementing security in wireless sensor networks [1]
      Implementing successful e-health implementations within developing countries [1]
      Improved use of machine learning techniques in named entity recognition [1]
      Improving QoS with MIMO-OFDM in future broadband wireless networks [1]
      Improving the RSA cryptographic algorithm using double encryption [1]