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      The effect of user interface design on software development [1]
      Efficient IP lookup algorithm [1]
      Electronic information access and utilization by Makerere University students in Uganda [1]
      Electronic information resources utilization by students in Mbarara University Library [1]
      An electronic market front for enhancing service delivery of a restaurant [1]
      Enhanced master-slave time synchronization architecture for wireless sensor networks [1]
      Enhancing immunisation healthcare delivery through the use of Information communication technologies [1]
      Enhancing insurance regulation using information technology: the Uganda Motor Insurance Database [1]
      Enhancing property rates management using N-TIER architecture: a case study of Kampala City Council [1]
      Enhancing the interoperability of public health systems in Uganda using a data exchange module [1]
      Evaluating the effectiveness of information communication technology use in urban hospitals in Uganda [1]
      An evaluation framework for large-scale ontology-based biomedical data integrated systems [1]
      Evaluation of blind scheduling policies under correlated successive inter-arrival times [1]
      Evaluation of dynamic bayesian network models for entity name transliteration [1]
      The evaluation of information visualisation techniques using eye tracking [1]
      An Evaluation Study of Data Transport Protocols for e-VLBI [1]
      Examination of the management of grey literature in selected university libraries in Uganda [1]
      An expert system for diagnosing heavy-duty diesel engine faults [1]
      Exploring the implementation of blended learning in a developing country:a case study of Uganda [1]
      Extraction of interesting association rules using genetic algorithms [1]