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      E-banking, networking, perceived service value and service quality in commercial banks in Uganda [1]
      E-Commerce adoption and growth of SMEs in Uganda [1]
      E-tax filling and revenue targets in Uganda Revenue Authority: Tax administrators and small tax payers [1]
      Easy access to finance and growth of small and medium enterprises in Uganda: A case study of Kampala Central Division [1]
      Econometric Analysis of Linkages between Sector Output Growth, Human Development and Public Spending in Uganda [1]
      Economic empowerment: A strategy to the improvement of the laity's active participation in parish life: A case study of Kakoma Parish, Mbarara Archdiocese [1]
      Economic evaluation of an integrated home based HIV testing and prevention of mother to child transmission programme in Uganda: A cost effectiveness analysis [1]
      Economic valuation of Mabira forest: A contingent valuation method [1]
      Effect of agricultural inputs and extension services on household crop production in Uganda [1]
      The effect of aids related stigma on HIV testing in Uganda: A case study of Rakai District [1]
      The Effect of Automated Teller Machine Use on Customer Satisfaction in Banking: A Case Study of Stanbic Bank, Mbarara Bank Branch [1]
      Effect of balance of trade on economic growth in Uganda (1985 -2016) [1]
      The effect of central bank regulation on the financial performance of Kenya Commercial Bank-Uganda [1]
      The Effect of Commercial Bank Lending Rates on Economic Growth in Uganda [1]
      The Effect of Corruption on Economic Growth in Uganda (2005-2016) [1]
      The effect of credit risk management on the performance of loan portfolio: A case of Pride Microfinance [1]
      Effect of Devolution on Health Care Delivery in Kenya [1]
      The effect of entrepreneurial and complementary factors on employment: evidence from Uganda's manufacturing firms [1]
      The Effect of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Uganda’s Export Performance [1]
      Effect of exchange rate fluctuations on Uganda’s imports (1998Q1 – 2016Q4) [1]