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      Bank lending policy, credit scoring and the survival of Loans: A case study of banks X and Y [1]
      Board Attributes and Financial Performance of Listed Companies in Uganda [1]
      Board governance, intellectual capital and firm performance [1]
      Brand equity, switching costs, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: A study among selected oil companies in Uganda [1]
      Brand image, self-concept, and consumer purchasing behaviours in the Ugandan Petroleum Industry [1]
      Brand Positioning Strategies of Letshego Uganda [1]
      Budgetary management and performance of donor funded projects in Uganda: The case of Uganda Bureau of Statistics [1]
      Budgeting and Budgetary Control in Non-Governmental Organisations: A Case of Infectious Diseases Research Collaboration (IDRC) [1]
      Budgeting process and budget performance of Ugandan Local Government. Case study of Kisoro District in South-Western Uganda [1]
      Budgeting, donor assistance, co-funding and service delivery in local governments: a case study EU-MPP projects in Busia District [1]
      Burden of cumulative risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases among adults in Uganda: Evidence from a national baseline survey [1]
      Business climate and firm sales performance In Uganda [1]
      Business Development Service and the Performance of Informal Businesses in Uganda: The Case of Pride Microfinance [1]
      Business performance, business relationship and trade credit terms offered to clients: The case of wholesale business in Kampala [1]
      Business support, collaboration, internal firm capabilities, awareness and access to procurement opportunities by small and medium enterprises in Uganda: A study of Kampala SMEs [1]
      Buyer - supplier power, conflict and contract performance in Uganda [1]
      Buyer-supplier collaboration, adaptation, trust, commitment and relationship continuity of selected private manufacturing firms in Kampala [1]
      Capacity building, ICT adoption and quality of records [1]
      Capacity management within Equity Bank Uganda Limited [1]
      Capital structure and financing of small and micro-entrepreneurs in Uganda: A survey of selected wholesale and retail enterprises in Kikuubo business community Kampala [1]