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      Immigration and foreign direct investments in Uganda [1]
      Impact of changing from commercial transaction levy (CTL) and sales tax to value added tax (VAT) on economic growth in Uganda for the period 1987-2012 [1]
      The impact of commercial bank account dormancy on bank performance in Uganda: A case study of Equity Bank Uganda Limited [1]
      Impact of Commercial Banks’ Lending to Agricultural Sector on the Performance of the Sector: 2008:1-2017:4 [1]
      The impact of credit accessibility on women welfare: A case study of BRAC (Busia branch) [1]
      Impact of credit risk and outreach on sustainability of financial institutions in Uganda: 2009 -2013 [1]
      The impact of effective customer service management practices on the competitiveness of credit institutions in Uganda: A case study of Post Bank Limited [1]
      The impact of exchange rate on exports in Uganda [1]
      Impact of export market orientation and innovation on the performance of fruit exporting firms in Uganda [1]
      Impact of export performance on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      The impact of external debt on economic growth in Sub Saharan Africa: A panel data analysis [1]
      The Impact of External Debt on Uganda’s Economic Growth [1]
      Impact of financial development on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      Impact of financial management on the survival of small scale enterprises in Usafi Market - Kampala [1]
      The Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in Kenya [1]
      The impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on agriculture sector growth of Ethiopia: Time series empirical analysis (1985-2016) [1]
      The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Kenya: (1995-2015) [1]
      Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Uganda’s Manufacturing Sector [1]
      Impact of Government Expenditure on Economic Growth in Uganda Q1 2008 - Q4 2017 [1]
      The Impact of inflation on financial sector development in Uganda, 1980-2014 [1]