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      A New energy and fervour in Amanda's paintings [1]
      Optimizing the location of edge clouds with baseband units in Cloud Radio Access Networks [1]
      Options of energy conservation in the brick and tile making industry in Uganda [1]
      Participatory physical planning in Uganda: investigation on public participation processes during the preperation of the 1994 Kampala structure plan [1]
      Performance characterisation of a husk powered system for rural electrification in Uganda. [1]
      Periodic maintenance of selected roads in Bulambuli Town Council and graveling of roads in Bunambutye Resettlement Area in Bulambuli District Local Government Project Report [1]
      The persitence of the figural motif in Nabulime's new sculpture. [1]
      Pioneer Makerere Masters [1]
      Plasticity and stiffness of aged road gravel stabilized with Acrylic polymers [1]
      Plays as source of inspiration for costume design: A case study of Lysistrata stage production by performing arts and film students of Makerere University 2012 [1]
      Potential of public-private partnerships in road infrastructure development in Uganda. [1]
      Prediction of the future condition of a water distribution network using a Markov based approach: a case study of Kampala water [1]
      Preparation and Evaluation of Activated Carbons from Rice Husks in Uganda for Removal of Humic Acid from Water. [1]
      Project Field Report for the Construction Of Residential Houses on Plot 3 Block 256, Munyonyo [1]
      Project Management and Implementation of Low Volume Roads. [1]
      Project management and implementation of mechanized maintenance of selected unpaved national roads under framework for 3 years; Lot 24 : UNRA Moyo Station [1]
      Project to upgrade 1.3 km of Awuch-Lanydyang road in Amida subcounty, Kitgum district from Gravel to Butimen standard using Labour-intensive low-cost seal Technology. [1]
      Propose office developement on plot 16, Army Avenue Road, Nakasero [1]
      Proposed design parameters for raised transverse rumble strip profiles to abate discomfort on highways in Uganda [1]
      Proposed office development on plot 16, Army Avenue Road Nakasero, Kampala [1]