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      Education infrastructure enhancement project in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement Yumbe district. [1]
      Effect of bed joint mortar thicknesses on the flexural strength of non-reinforced burnt clay brick walls [1]
      The effect of COVID-19 preventive measures on performance of building construction projects in Kampala and Wakiso Districts of Uganda [1]
      Effect of cow manure-derived biochar addition on bio methane production from anaerobic digestion of fruit and vegetable waste [1]
      Effect of curing on carbonation of Portland Pozzolana cement concrete. [1]
      The effect of environmental factors and traffic volume on the performance of low-volume labour-based roads [1]
      Effect of grade and climbing lane length on performance of heavy trucks on two lane rural roads in Uganda [1]
      Effect of land use land cover change on soil erosion potential rate in Rwampara district. [1]
      Effect of moisture on volumetric behavior of compacted laterites [1]
      Effect of natural organic matter composition on performance of conventional water treatment processes [1]
      The effect of tramp elements on the quality of reinforcement steel bars produced in Uganda. A case study of roofings rolling mills limited. [1]
      The effect of turning frequency on compost yield and quality in an open windrow municipal solid waste composting plant [1]
      The effect of using upgraded biogas on generator performance [1]
      Effect of Wastewater from Kampala Industrial and Business Park on Bukasa Swamp Water. [1]
      Effect of water curing on strength development and Sorptivity of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) normal concrete. [1]
      The effectiveness of using salt electrolysis for disinfection of potable water - a case study of NWSC Jinja Municipal water supply area, Uganda [1]
      Effects of cellulose rich waste paper on fuel and mechanical properties of biogas digestate -derived briquettes. [1]
      The effects of Clay, Gum Arabic and Hybrid binders on the properties of Briquettes [1]
      The effects of land use and land cover change on avulsion of rivers: a case of the White Nile basin- Pakwach district). [1]
      Effects of Land Use Land Cover Change on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Mbarara District. [1]