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      Faecal sludge dewatering and carbonisation for the production of fuel briquettes [1]
      Feasibility Study, Design and Construction Supervision of Kikyusa Water Supply System and Sanitation Project Luwero District-Uganda. [1]
      Feasibility study, detailed design & construction supervision of an alternative water intake for Rukungiri water supply [1]
      Field based assessment on the performance of house-hold biogas plants in Bishoftu Area, Ethiopia [1]
      Force account in maintenance management of public roads [1]
      The formation of contemporary visual artists in Africa: Revisiting residency programmes. [1]
      Functional and operational reliability of commercial buildings: A case study of Kampala central business district shopping malls [1]
      Fusion of TerraSAR-x and Landsat ETM+ data for protected areamapping in Uganda. [1]
      A fuzzy logic based channel allocation scheme for cognitive radio networks [1]
      Geographical information system for land Acquisition in Uganda; a case study of the Atiak Laropi road. [1]
      GIS analysis and optimisation of faecal sludge logistics at city-wide scale in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      GIS Based Utility Pole Maintenance System. [1]
      Government role in the development of housing for low-income households in Mbale Municipality: A case of Malukhu Housing Estate [1]
      Hybrid e-learning for rural secondary schools in Uganda: Co-evolution in triple helix processes [1]
      The impact of abstraction on the quality and quantity of groundwater in Kampala: A case of Kawempe Division [1]
      Impact of higher education, science and technology curriculum on employability of graduates in the construction industry [1]
      The impact of training on innovation and enterprise competitiveness in Uganda [1]
      Implementing an adaptive bandwidth management scheme for efficient use of spectrum [1]
      Improved road network to ease access to social services and overall economic development : A case study of Kyanyawara and Kiko Wards by filling the Mburru Swamp in Kiko Town Council, Kabarole District [1]
      Improvement of engineering properties of black cotton soil for road construction using PROBASE soil stabilizer [1]