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      The induction of Arabic calligraphy and arabesque in contemporary art [1]
      Influence of viscosity modifiers on processing temperatures of recycled asphalt mixtures [1]
      Integrating the frequency domain functionality of the EMONA DATEx into the iLabs shared architecture [1]
      The integration of monumental sculpture in landscapes: a case study of selected Kampala and Entebbe landscapes [1]
      Investigating the effects of urban physical planning and development control on the infrastructure development in Kampala City [1]
      Investigating the potential of rainwater harvesting as an appropriate technology for water supply in peri urban areas in Uganda: "a case of Bwaise-Kawempe Division Kampala" [1]
      An investigation into adoption of geographical information technologies in the road sector of Uganda’s local government [1]
      Investigation into the engineering properties of marble dust and river sand stabilized black cotton soil for subgrade construction [1]
      Investigation into the engineering properties of recycled red clay brick aggregates and crumb rubber mixtures for pavement construction [1]
      An investigation into the productivity of block laying on building sites in Kampala [1]
      An investigation of reliability of the water source and cost-effective chemical use at Masaka Water Treatment Works [1]
      Investigation of resonance in propeller turbines: The case of units 14/15 at Kiira power station [1]
      Investigation of structural characteristics of vernacular materials for construction of earthquake resistant systems in Western Uganda [1]
      An investigation of the performance of laterite in flexible pavements in a humid tropical environment [1]
      Investigation of variations in paved road construction unit rates: A case study of Uganda [1]
      Katarikawe coming back home [1]
      Knowledge sharing, entrepreneurial capacity and diffusion of modern energy technologies in rural Uganda [1]
      Laboratory and simulation measurements to investigate attenuation in optical fibres [1]
      Land use and transport planning in the Greater Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Landuse and transport planning in the Greater Kampala, Uganda [1]