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      Papayo wetland use-cover change and underpinning factors in the period 2015-2022 [1]
      Participation of local communities in the management of human-wildlife conflicts around Kyambura Wildlife Reserve in South Western Uganda [1]
      Participatory management of fisheries resources of Lake Nakuwa in Pallisa District, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Patterns of frugivory of the Budongo Forest chimpanzees, Uganda [1]
      Patterns of infiltration on a bench terraced hillslope of Kigezi highlands [1]
      Payment for environmental services for forest conservation in the agricultural landscape of mid-western Uganda. [1]
      Perception of and adaptation to climate change among agricultural communities of Kabarole District [1]
      Perennial biomass production in arid mangrove systems on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia [1]
      Performance of a sedimentation pond system at Roko construction concrete batch plant in Kampala- Uganda [1]
      Performance of papyrus based batch loaded vertical subsurface flow constructed wetland mesocosms in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Performance of subsurface flow constructed wetlands in domestic wastewater treatment and their potential for increasing greenhouse gas emissions at Bugolobi sewerage treatment plant, Kampala [1]
      Performance-evaluation of an integrated papyrus-bivalves mesocosms in cleansing aquaculture effluent [1]
      Phenology of figs in Budongo Forest Uganda and its importance for the chimpanzee diet [1]
      Phenotypic characterization of indigenous goats and perception of farmers on indigenous versus crossbred goats in North-Eastern Uganda [1]
      Phenotypic, chemical and molecular characterisation of shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa subspecies nilotica) ethno-varieties in Uganda [1]
      Physical and mechanical properties of selected hybrid eucalyptus grown in Uganda [1]
      Physical and mechanical properties of some less utilised tropical timber tree species growing in Uganda [1]
      Physico-chemical and mechanical characterisation of the bark of selected ficus species growing in Uganda [1]
      Plant available water and tree seedling survival in hydrogel amended soils under induced drought conditions [1]
      Plant communities of a semi-deciduous tropical rainforest in north-western Uganda: role of soil and anthropogenic factors [1]