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      Utilisation of Ecosystem-based drought adaptation options among smallholder farmers in Kiboga District, Uganda [1]
      Utilization and nutritive values of indigenous fruit trees: A case study of Chegere sub-county, Apac District. [1]
      Utilization of indegenous woodland trees in and around Kachung Forest Reserve in Dokolo District, Northern Uganda [1]
      Utilization of medicinal plants in Ikumbya Sub-county, Luuka District, Uganda [1]
      Variations in Leptocybe invasa (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) population intensity and infestation on eucalyptus germplasms in Uganda and Kenya [1]
      Viability analysis of climate change adaptation and coping practices for agriculture productivity in Rwenzori Region, Kasese District [1]
      Views and perception of local community on challenges to management and conservation of wetlands in Kyeizooba Sub County, Bushenyi District. [1]
      Vitex payos (Lour.) Merr fruit trees in the drylands areas of Eastern Kenya: use, marketing and management. [1]
      Waste management in urban and peri-urban intensive dairy production systems: A case study of Makindye and Ssisa Sub Counties [1]
      Water quality assessment to protected springs in Kira Town Council, Wakiso District [1]
      Water quality management in Kakira catchment area, Jinja District - Uganda [1]
      Wetland resource use and conservation practices by the local communities in Kanyum and Nyero Sub-Counties, Kumi District. [1]
      Wetland use/cover changes and local perceptions in Uganda [1]
      Wetland utilization and conflicts in Mukono urban area [1]
      Wildlife snaring in Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda [1]
      Within-tree and tree-age variation of selected anatomical properties of the wood of Ugandan-grown Eucalyptus grandis [1]
      Women’s access rights to resources: a case of indigenous fruit trees in Fissebu Region, Liberia. [1]
      Wood fuel use patterns in urban areas: A case study of Kampala City [1]
      Wood properties and management of selected non-traditional timber species used in small scale furniture industries in Uganda: a case study of Kampala district. [1]
      Yield on agricultural wastes and antimicrobial efficacy of selected wild Pleurotus and Ganoderma mushrooms of Uganda [1]