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      Early growth and insect herbivory of Neoboutonia Macrocalyx seedlings in different sized gaps in Kabale National Park [1]
      Ecological and social drivers of range use in the endangered red colobus monkeys (piliocolobus tephrosceles) in Kibale National Park, Uganda [1]
      The Ecology and Genetic Diversity of Macrofungi Under Collaborative Forest Management in a Tropical Moist Forest, Central Uganda [1]
      An economic analysis of the potential for protecting wetlands in Uganda: A case study of Goma Sub-County wetlands, Mukono District [1]
      The economic role of women in sustainable fishing on the shores of Lake Victoria: a case study of Kasenyi Landing Site, Entebbe, Wakiso District [1]
      Economic valuation of Bujagali Falls Recreational Park, Uganda [1]
      Economic valuation of non-timber forest products and recreational benefits from Mabira Central Forest Reserve, Uganda [1]
      Economics of land degradation in mid-hills of Mt. Elgon watershed, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Economics of waste utilization in the urban and peri-urban zones of Lake Victoria Crescent Region, Uganda [1]
      Edge effects on community of forest monkeys in Kibale National Park [1]
      Effect of climate change and variability on upland rice yield in Lira district, Uganda [1]
      The effect of conservation farming on women economic empowerment in Abim district [1]
      Effect of cooking conditions on lung health in Kisinga Subcounty, Kasese district, Uganda [1]
      Effect of deep-litter housing on pig performance and quality of pen environment [1]
      The effect of fish farming on the distribution and abundance of malaria vectors in Yala Swamp, Western Kenya [1]
      Effect of human settlement on woody biomass resources in Kibaale district, Western Uganda [1]
      Effect of Hydrogel soil amendment on survival and growth of Melia volkensii under field conditions in Nakasongola District [1]
      Effect of kiln drying schedule on the quality of South African grown Eucalyptus grandis poles [1]
      Effect of Land Use Land Cover Changes on Carbon Stocks of Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Western Uganda. [1]
      Effect of land use/cover changes on aboveground biomass in and around Bidi-Bidi Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda [1]