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      Can biodiversity conservation benefit local people? Costs and benefits at a strict protected Area in Uganda [1]
      Carbon sequestration potential and community livelihood benefits of selected on-farm indigenous tree species in Bitereko Sub-County, Bushenyi District [1]
      Carbon sequestration potential of East African highland banana cultivars in Uganda [1]
      Carrier potential of spent mushroom substrate-peat formulations for legume nodulating bacteria in biofertilizer production [1]
      Case study - Property rights: access to land and forest resources in Uganda [1]
      Challenges in land cover types, savannah woodland utilization and constraints to sustainable use in Kenshunga, Rwemikoma and Kinoni Sub Counties, Kiruhura District [1]
      The challenges of solid waste management: a case study of Kawempe and Rubaga division Kampala district, Uganda. [1]
      The challenges of solid waste management: a case study of Kawempe and Rubaga Division, Kampala District, Uganda [1]
      A characterisation of the physical properties of soil and the implications for landslide occurrence on the slopes of Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Commercialization of ruspolia nitidula (Nsenene Grasshoppers) in Central Uganda. [1]
      Community based management plan of Lake Bisina wetlands 2004-2009 [1]
      Community initiative in improving and maitaining the Urban enviroment: A case study of the Masese inforam settlements, Jinja Municipality, Eastern - Uganda [1]
      A community level economic value assessment of natural resources: The case of Sango Bay Forest Ecosystem, Rakai District, Uganda [1]
      Community mobilisation in rural water supply and sanitation programs: How effective is it? "A case of Wakiso District, Uganda" [1]
      Community utilisation and associated impacts on wetlands a case of Agu wetland, Kumi District, Uganda [1]
      Community-based conservation practices carried out in and around Kalinzu Forest Reserve and their implications on conservation of local forest resources [1]
      Community-park relations - How to achieve and measure success: A case study of Kibale National Park [1]
      A comparative study of current perceptions, attitudes, awareness and practices on the use of indoor residual spraying for control of malaria in a rural and urban community in Kabale District. [1]
      A comparative analysis of nutrient content in foods commonly consumed by chimpanzees in captivity and in the wild [1]
      A comparative analysis of small mammal assemblages in and around Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda. [1]