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      Balanites aegyptiaca: A resource for improving nutrition and income of dryland communities in Uganda [1]
      Bamboo regeneration and succession in Echuya [1]
      Bee biodiversity and their forage-plant resources in Queen Elizabeth National Park [2]
      Benefits and challenges of integrated conservation and development projects on local communities adjacent to Sapo National Park, Liberia [1]
      Bio-energy production and consumption options for forest conservation in Uganda [1]
      Biodiversity monitoring in Eastern Africa [1]
      Biophysical and socio-economic factors that determine the performance of community forestry projects: perspectives from Mayuge and Mutai Plantation Forest Reserves, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Breaking the law? Illegal livelihoods from a protected area in Uganda [1]
      The buffering capacity of Kinawataka wetland Kampala - Uganda; with particular emphasis to bacteriological indicators and suspended solids [1]
      Bush pig density, distribution and crop raiding trends around the Northern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, South Western Uganda [1]
      Can biodiversity conservation benefit local people? Costs and benefits at a strict protected Area in Uganda [1]
      Carbon sequestration potential and community livelihood benefits of selected on-farm indigenous tree species in Bitereko Sub-County, Bushenyi District [1]
      Carbon sequestration potential of East African highland banana cultivars in Uganda [1]
      Carrier potential of spent mushroom substrate-peat formulations for legume nodulating bacteria in biofertilizer production [1]
      Case study - Property rights: access to land and forest resources in Uganda [1]
      Challenges in land cover types, savannah woodland utilization and constraints to sustainable use in Kenshunga, Rwemikoma and Kinoni Sub Counties, Kiruhura District [1]
      The challenges of solid waste management: a case study of Kawempe and Rubaga division Kampala district, Uganda. [1]
      The challenges of solid waste management: a case study of Kawempe and Rubaga Division, Kampala District, Uganda [1]
      A characterisation of the physical properties of soil and the implications for landslide occurrence on the slopes of Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Commercialization of ruspolia nitidula (Nsenene Grasshoppers) in Central Uganda. [1]