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      Phenology of figs in Budongo Forest Uganda and its importance for the chimpanzee diet [1]
      Phenotypic characterization of indigenous goats and perception of farmers on indigenous versus crossbred goats in North-Eastern Uganda [1]
      Phenotypic, chemical and molecular characterisation of shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa subspecies nilotica) ethno-varieties in Uganda [1]
      Physical and mechanical properties of selected hybrid eucalyptus grown in Uganda [1]
      Physical and mechanical properties of some less utilised tropical timber tree species growing in Uganda [1]
      Physico-chemical and mechanical characterisation of the bark of selected ficus species growing in Uganda [1]
      Plant available water and tree seedling survival in hydrogel amended soils under induced drought conditions [1]
      Plant communities of a semi-deciduous tropical rainforest in north-western Uganda: role of soil and anthropogenic factors [1]
      Plastics waste management in Kisenyi, Kampala Central Division. [1]
      Policy and institutional drivers of deforestation in Uganda [1]
      Political Ecology of Shea Butter Tree (Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn.) Conservation, Use and Management in Uganda [1]
      Pollinator biodiversity and economic value of pollination services in Uganda [2]
      Pond and wetland ecology in relation to mosquito larvae [1]
      The population genetic structure of Africa Buffalo (Syncerus Caffer, Sparrmann 1786) in Uganda based on mitochonrial DNA control region sequence variations [1]
      Population growth and urban infrastructural development in Mukono District [1]
      Population structure and human utilization of the Cycad (Encephalartos Whitelockii) along River Mpanga, Western Uganda [1]
      Potential for commercialization and value chain improvement of wild food and medicinal plants for livelihood enhancement in Uganda [1]
      Potential impacts of climate change on birds in the Albertine Rift: a baseline study of Bwindi, Echuya, Nyungwe and Kibira forests [1]
      Potential invasive alien plant species in Semuliki National Park, Western Uganda [1]
      The potential of farmed ecosystems to conserve avian and woody plant species biodiversity in Buhaguzi County, Hoima District, Uganda [1]