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      Estimation of carbon stock and emissions from BAT plantations and Tobacco Barns in 2013 in Arua District [1]
      Ethno-nomenclature of the Shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn.) and its products in the Shea zones of Uganda [1]
      An evaluation of community participation in making of a district environment action plan: A case study of Bushenyi District [1]
      An Evaluation of Cross-infection of Botryosphaeria Isolates among Tree Species used for Agroforestry and Plantations in Uganda. [1]
      Evaluation of Metarhizium anisopliae for integrated management of termite infestation on farmed lands [1]
      Evaluation of rooting performance of pinus caribaea cuttings in Uganda [1]
      Evaluation of soil and soil improvement methods for ginger production in Ntenjeru Subcounty [1]
      Evaluation of solid waste management in informal settlements Kampala City, Uganda Case study of Nateete Parish, Rubaga Division [1]
      An evaluation of suitable trees for ecosystem service delivery in coffee-agroforestry in Central Uganda [1]
      Evaluation of watershed management in and around Echuya Forest Reserve, Western Uganda [1]
      Examining observed and simulated extreme rainfall events over Lake Victoria Basin in Uganda [1]
      Extent of public participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study process in Uganda : a case study of Stone Quarries in Kyampisi, Mukono [1]
      Factors affecting adoption of the agroforestry practices in Nebbi District, Uganda [1]
      Factors affecting environmental planning and implementation within districts : a comparative study of Bushenyi and Kasese Districts in Uganda [1]
      Factors affecting performance of collaborative forest management groups in Kasyoha-Kitomi Central Forest Reserve [1]
      Factors that influence the variation of malaria incidences for local specific administration units in Bushenyi District, Uganda. [1]
      False promise or false premise? Using tourism revenue sharing to promote conservation and poverty reduction in Uganda [1]
      Farmer perceived soil fertility improving tree species, their litter and under-canopy-soil characteristics in livestock farms in Bushenyi District, Uganda. [1]
      Farmers' adoption of rotational woodlot technology in Kigorobya Sub-County of Hoima District, Western Uganda [1]
      Farmers' perception of the relevance of agricultural technologies under Plan for Modernization of Agriculture in Uganda [1]