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      Value and premium for titled agricultural land in Uganda [1]
      Value chain analysis of processed Common bean products in Kenya [1]
      Variability in body morphometric measurements and their application in predicting live body weight of Mubende and Small East African goat breeds in Uganda. [1]
      Variability of grain-filling traits in early maturing CIMMYT tropical maize inbred lines [1]
      Variability of Phytophthora Infestans in Uganda and Kenya and its implications to late blight management in potato and tomato [1]
      Variations in Leptocybe invasa (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) population intensity and infestation on eucalyptus germplasms in Uganda and Kenya [1]
      Vermicomposting of cattle manure and its performance as a fertilizer in maize production [1]
      Viability analysis of climate change adaptation and coping practices for agriculture productivity in Rwenzori Region, Kasese District [1]
      Viability analysis of dairy farming enterprises in Ntungamo District. A case of productivity and profitability estimation [1]
      Views and perception of local community on challenges to management and conservation of wetlands in Kyeizooba Sub County, Bushenyi District. [1]
      Vitex payos (Lour.) Merr fruit trees in the drylands areas of Eastern Kenya: use, marketing and management. [1]
      Wangeregeze Forest Reserve and its users: a site monitoring report prepared for presentation to the local people and officials of Wangeregeze Forest Reserve [1]
      Waste management in urban and peri-urban intensive dairy production systems: A case study of Makindye and Ssisa Sub Counties [1]
      Wastewater treatment practices by tanneries : Case of Skyfat Tannery and Leather Industries of Uganda Tanneries, Jinja, Uganda [1]
      Water quality assessment to protected springs in Kira Town Council, Wakiso District [1]
      Water quality management in Kakira catchment area, Jinja District - Uganda [1]
      Water quality of river Kikenyi and major sources of pollutants loading into the Northern shores of lake Victoria, Uganda. [1]
      Weaning strategies to improve the performance of sows and their progeny under smallholder farming conditions [1]
      Weathering characteristics of Australian grown radiata pine [1]
      Weeding and mulching for management of aphids and associated viral diseases of passion fruit in Uganda [1]