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      Major limiting nutrients and lime requirement for bean production on three contrasting soils of Lake Victoria crescent agroecological zone [1]
      Making ICTs relevant to rural farmers in Uganda: A Case of Kamuli District [1]
      Management and conservation of preferred agroforestry species in Wakiso District [1]
      The management and conservation of woody plants in Uganda's urban settings [1]
      Management of electronic waste in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Management systems and location effects on growth and carcass traits of kuroiler and local chickens [1]
      Managing Uganda's forests in the face of uncertainty and competing demands: What is the precautionary approach? [1]
      Managing Uganda's forests in the face of uncertainty and competing demands: what is the precautionary approach? [1]
      Mapping land use and farm types in South Western Uganda: A case study of Muko and Katagata Catchment Areas in Kabale District [1]
      Mapping the risk of malaria in Kyebe Subcounty, Uganda [1]
      Marketing channel choice: its determinants and evaluation of transaction costs in smallholder dairy farming in Lilongwe milkshed area, Malawi [1]
      Mbale forest reserve and its users: a site report prepared for presentation to the local people and officials of Mbale Forest Reserve [1]
      Mbazzi and Namungo forest: a site report [1]
      Medicinal plants and associated indigenous knowledge of the Lugbara in Arua District [1]
      Microbial safety of Lake Nabugabo water for recreation [1]
      Micropropagation of the East African highland bananas (musa spp.) [1]
      Mineral fertilizer response and nutrient use efficiencies of East African highland banana (Musa spp., AAA-EAHB, cv. Kisansa) [1]
      Minimal data set with variables for the main final multivariable regression analysis for a study on factors associated with road traffic injuries among motorcylists in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Mixed cropping systems for sustainable domestic food supply of the smallholder farming communities in Nakasongola District, Central Uganda [1]
      Model fitting, selection and evaluation of inoculum from slaughtered cattle for ruminant feed evaluation [1]