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      Early detection of tropical forest degradation: an IFIU pilot study in Uganda. [1]
      Early growth and insect herbivory of Neoboutonia Macrocalyx seedlings in different sized gaps in Kabale National Park [1]
      Early screening of cassava for resistance to root-knot nematodes [1]
      Echuya forest reserve and its users [1]
      Eco-tourism for environmental conservation and community livelihoods Around Budongo forest in Masindi district, western Uganda [1]
      Ecological changes following rules in use and anthropology: the case of Echuya bamboo forest, south-western Uganda [1]
      The ecological changes of Echuya afromontane bamboo forest, Uganda [1]
      Ecology and nutraceutical value of edible indigenous mushrooms. A case study of Kyebe Subcounty in Rakai District, Uganda [1]
      Economic analysis of cassava bioethanol production by small holder farmers in Northern Uganda [1]
      Economic analysis of post-harvest losses in Tomato and Pumpkin supply chains in Central Uganda [1]
      An economic analysis of the potential for protecting wetlands in Uganda: A case study of Goma Sub-County wetlands, Mukono District [1]
      Economic analysis of transboundary animal disease control in Ntungamo and Rakai Districts, Uganda: A case of foot and mouth disease and east coast fever. [1]
      An economic assessment of farmer adaptation to climate change using innovations in sweet potato technologies in Uganda [1]
      Economic efficiency of mangoes-based agroforestry systems in Buzaya County, Kamuli District Uganda [1]
      Economic evaluation of the potato market chains in Uganda. [1]
      Economic potential and willingness to pay for a flexible balloon digester among smallholder farmers: A case study of Tiribogo in Mpigi District, Uganda [1]
      The economic role of women in sustainable fishing on the shores of Lake Victoria: a case study of Kasenyi Landing Site, Entebbe, Wakiso District [1]
      An economic valuation of alternative wetland uses to the local community a case of Namatala wetland [1]
      Economic valuation of Bujagali Falls Recreational Park, Uganda [1]
      Economic valuation of non-timber forest products and recreational benefits from Mabira Central Forest Reserve, Uganda [1]