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      Dairy industry development project: UNDP/FAO PROJECT UGA 84/023 [1]
      Decentralisation of forest management — Is it a panacea to challenges in forest governance in Uganda? [1]
      Decentralization of forestry resources in Uganda: realities or rhetoric? [1]
      Decentralized governance and ecological health: why local institutions fail to moderate deforestation in Mpigi district of Uganda [1]
      Degeneration in quality of cassava planting material due to infection by cassava brown streak viruses [1]
      Density and species diversity of trees in four tropical forests of the Albertine Rift, Western Uganda [1]
      Determinants of adoption of improved production practices among cotton producers in Kamuli District, Uganda [1]
      Determinants of adoption of improved soybean varieties among smallholder farmers in Eastern Uganda [1]
      Determinants of anemia among pregnant women in Kiboga District [1]
      Determinants of change in animal manure use level in banana production in Uganda [1]
      Determinants of choice of fresh tilapia marketing channel by fish cross border traders, Uganda-Kenya [1]
      Determinants of choice of milk marketing channels by dairy farmers in Kiruhura District, Uganda [1]
      Determinants of consumers choice and willingness to pay for quality beef [1]
      Determinants of fast food consumption in Kampala District [1]
      Determinants of inorganic fertilizer use by small holder farmers in Uganda. [1]
      Determinants of investment in machinery and equipment by tea processing firms in Uganda [1]
      Determinants of participation in the indigenous chicken market by smallholder farmers in Busia District, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Determinants of participation of small holder farmers in marketing of grain amaranth: A case of Kamuli District, Uganda. [1]
      Determinants of smallholder farmers’ participation In the potato market in Kabale and Mbale [1]
      Determinants of technical efficiency of cocoa production in Liberia. A case of Lofa and Nimba Counties, Liberia [1]