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      An expert system for diagnosing heavy-duty diesel engine faults [1]
      Explaining deforestation: the role of local institutions in Ugandan forests: a policy brief [1]
      Explaining patterns in new HIV/AIDS infections among married females: the case of Mbarara Municipality, Mbarara District [1]
      Exploitation, a hindrance to teacher-efficiency in U.P.E. schools: A case study of Lubaga Division – Kampala District. [1]
      Exploiting grain-filling rate and effective grain-filling duration to improve grain yield of early-maturing maize [1]
      Exploration and symbolic interpretation of alternative printing surfaces using the serigraphic printing technique. [1]
      Exploration of the Ganda-mat as an inspiration for hand-loom weaving. [1]
      An exploration of the teachers’-state relationship as a struggle for recognition: Hegel’s Lordship and Bondage Dialectics [1]
      Exploratory study on the teaching of clay work in secondary schools in Wakiso District [1]
      Exploring barriers in accessing university education by hearing impaired students: A case study of Makerere and Kyambogo Universities [1]
      Exploring Gender Responsiveness During The Teaching And Learning Process In National And International Pre-Primary Classrooms In Kampala District [1]
      Exploring the implementation of blended learning in a developing country:a case study of Uganda [1]
      Exploring the rate of e-commerce adoption among SMEs in the UK. [1]
      Exploring the use of Landsat imagery in monitoring chlorophyll-a and lake surface temperature in Lake Victoria [1]
      Exploring the utilisation of research evidence in Uganda's health policy formulation processes: a case if the National Medicines Policy 2015 [1]
      Exploring wild animals as a subject using the relief printmaking technique. [1]
      Export-led growth hypothesis: panel cointegration evidence from East Africa [1]
      Exposure to risky sexual behaviour among people living with HIV in Uganda [1]
      Exposure to tobacco during pregnancy among mothers with low birth weight new borns in Arua District, Uganda [1]
      Expression of amphipathic protein (SAPI) from weet pepper for induction of resistance to Xanthomonas Campestris pv. Musacearum in banana [1]