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      The "U" form of ward with bamboo enclosing the open and is satisfactory for African patients who like to sit around the sun. [1]
      Udabaisadruku [1]
      Uganda [1]
      Uganda annual local governments’ national assessment: Analysis and determination of validity of the results in reallocation of Central Government Grants (2007/2008) [1]
      Uganda Coffee Association and Bugisu Coffee Industry, 1962. [1]
      Uganda Credit and Savings Bank 2. [1]
      Uganda Credit and Savings Bank. [1]
      The Uganda Gazette, 1964 [1]
      Uganda notes and diocesan Gazette, 1914-1915. [1]
      Uganda Owen falls Hydro - electric System. [1]
      Uganda Owen Falls hydroelectric system [1]
      The Uganda Police Force in the protection and promotion of the right to freedom from torture in Kampala Metropolitan: A case study of selected Police Divisions. [1]
      Uganda Police Force in the protection and promotion of the right to life in urban areas: a case study of Kampala District, 2001-2009 [1]
      The Uganda Police Force's handling of suspects in Kampala Metropolitan area : a case study of Kampala District [1]
      Uganda scenery. [2]
      Uganda's public library system and services from colonial times to the present [1]
      Uganda's visual environment: development and change [2]
      Uganda’s compliance with the Millennium Development Goal of ensuring environmental sustainability: a case of Wakiso District, 2005-2009 [1]
      Uganda’s foreign policy and human rights in the Great Lakes Region [2]
      Uganda’s refugee policy: A case of Bidi Bidi Camp [1]