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      Faces of fear [1]
      Facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy of the South East Lake Edward Basin, South Western Uganda [1]
      Facilitation of rhizobium inoculant use by farmers in Uganda [1]
      Factors Affecting Academic Achievement of Children with Special Needs in Uganda Primary Education [1]
      Factors affecting academic performance of undergraduate students at Uganda Christian University [1]
      Factors affecting access to decentralized health services: A study of households seeking malaria treatment for children in Bundibugyo District [1]
      Factors affecting access to secondary education in Mityana District. [1]
      Factors affecting adherence to chloroquine prophylaxis for malaria among children with sickle cell anaemia in Mulago hospital [1]
      Factors affecting adherence to cotrimoxazole prophylaxis among HIV/AIDS patients in Rukungiri District, Uganda. [1]
      Factors affecting adherence to nutrition therapy by type 11 diabetics attending mulago hospital diabetic clinic, uganda. [1]
      Factors affecting adolescents' utilization of antenatal services in Western Uganda. [1]
      Factors affecting adoption of Boer goats production in Sembabule District [1]
      Factors affecting adoption of the agroforestry practices in Nebbi District, Uganda [1]
      Factors affecting antiretroviral therapy initiation among tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus co-infected patients at health facilities in Masaka district. [1]
      Factors affecting availability of artemisinin-based combination therapy in private drug outlets in Tororo district, Uganda. [1]
      Factors Affecting Coffee Export Earnings in Uganda [1]
      Factors affecting decisions regarding child bearing among persons living With HIV/AIDS in Uganda: A study of Kampala and Jinja [1]
      Factors affecting disclosure of HIV sero-status to immediate family members: a case study of TASO Kampala clients [1]
      Factors affecting dynamic adoption of vanilla in Uganda: a case study of Mukono District. [1]
      Factors affecting effective teacher retention in public and private secondary schools: A case study of Kakungulu Memorial School and Kampala High School [1]