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      Saddle Quern. [1]
      Safety and antidiarrheal activity of Priva adhaerens aqueous leaf extract in a murine model. [1]
      Safety and effectiveness of systematic liquid predeposit autologous blood transfusion for major elective orthopaedic surgery at Mulago Hospital, Uganda [1]
      The safety and efficacy of prednisolone in preventing re-accumulation of ascites among emf patients at mulago hospital: a randomised clinical trial (pilot). [1]
      Safety and efficacy of prophylactic ephdrine in preventing hypotension following spinal anesthesia in parturients undergoing caesarean section at Mulago Hospital [1]
      Safety assessment of cystatins used to control pests in transgenic bananas in Uganda. [1]
      Safety evaluation of oral toxicity of potential anticancer agents: An acute and sub-chronic toxicity studies of combinations of Carica papaya Linn, Vernonia Amygdalina Delile and dihydroartemisinin. [1]
      The Safety of adult male circumcision in HIV-infected and uninfected men in Rakai, Uganda [1]
      The safety of adult male circumcision in HIV-infected and uninfected men in Rakai, Uganda. [1]
      Safety, preparation and handling practices of street-vended foods in selected districts of Uganda. [1]
      A sales record management system for Mikwano hardware [1]
      Samson And Jeninnifer Wedding [1]
      Sanitation, hygiene and bacterial contamination of highway-market vended meats in Uganda: Case study of Najembe and Lukaya markets [1]
      Sanje magoma: arched niche of house [1]
      Sanje majoma: grave and top of the niche [1]
      Satellite remotely sensed data: potential for mapping Uganda's savannas [1]
      Satisfaction of international undergraduate students at Kampala International University: Application of the SERVQUAL Model [1]
      Satisfaction of post caesarean section mothers with pain management at Mulago National Refferal Hospital [1]
      Satisfaction. [1]
      Saving terms, credit terms and the performance of Reapers Credit and Savings Union Limited. [1]